Friday, September 4, 2009

How to be a good audience member, Rule #1

Don't get up and walk out mid-show if doing so involves walking directly in front of, or past, the dancer! Especially when she has a sword on her head!! And when there is almost no one left in the restaurant!

Recently, I was performing on a very slow night at my weekly gig. There were a total of three tables when I started my show - two groups of two, and one group of six. One of the tables of two got up and left almost immediately after my entrance - they obviously were not there for the show and got out of there pretty quickly. So, I was left with two tables to perform for, eight people total.

About three quarters of the way through my set, I am in the middle of my sword routine when the table of six gets up, walks right past me and out the door! Leaving me with TWO people to perform my sword, drum solo and finale for!

Now, I know that I am a good performer. I know that audiences enjoy my shows. And I understand that bellydancing just isn't for everyone, and some people will go out to a venue that happens to have bellydancing just to enjoy their time, and not have any interest in seeing a show. But doesn't common sense and decency tell someone that walking out of an almost-empty restaurant, not only in the middle of a dancer's show, but in the MIDDLE of a SONG is RUDE?? No? I mean, I would think it would be pretty darn obvious!!!

So, Rule #1 about how to be a good bellydance audience member - wait until the end of the show to leave. Or if you must leave mid-show, do it so that you are inconspicuous, and at least wait until a song is over!!

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Martha said...

I can understand you frustration. Most if not all people have manners and it entails respect in all aspects. They should wait until you are done to leave and not be so selfish as there are other people who enjoy your performance. You are awesome and those RUDE people don't deserve to see your show!