Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I broke my own rule!

I was just reading back through some old blog posts, and I saw this one, where I said I always felt that I needed to have a choreography ready if I was performing on stage (as opposed to the usual improv I do at a restaurant or party). 

Well....I broke my own rule!  I did an improv performance - ON STAGE! - at my latest student showcase.  It wasn't so much by choice - I would have preferred choreographing something but I just didn't really have time to do so this year.  So, I grabbed a veil, put on one of my tried and true songs, and just....made it up as I went along!
I think my biggest fear was going up on stage and blanking out - which is funny because I always say that if you blank out and forget your choreography, you can just switch to improv.  I guess if you blank out when you are improv-ing, you can only switch to...standing still?  So, on the one hand, the stage-improv gave me more anxiety than getting up to perform a choreography.  On the other hand, I was more relaxed, because I didn't have anything I had to remember - I could just do whatever came to mind (and I hoped that something would come to mind!).

It was a great experience.  I did not have any blank-outs, and I felt very free up on the stage.  I would try it again, but only in the same situation as this time - with a short song that I know VERY well!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Aradia Workshops in NYC!! June 19-20!!

Aradia is coming back to NYC for another exciting weekend of workshops!!  Email me at danielabellydance@yahoo.com for a registration form - Early Bird registration ends May 19th so don't miss out on huge savings! (Click on the picture to see it larger).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Fifth Annual Show!

It was amazing!!! The venue, the performances - it honestly could not have been better!

Thank you to all of my students for your hard work, and to the staff at Frank Sinatra School - you helped make the show look better than ever!

Here are some pictures: