Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I broke my own rule!

I was just reading back through some old blog posts, and I saw this one, where I said I always felt that I needed to have a choreography ready if I was performing on stage (as opposed to the usual improv I do at a restaurant or party). 

Well....I broke my own rule!  I did an improv performance - ON STAGE! - at my latest student showcase.  It wasn't so much by choice - I would have preferred choreographing something but I just didn't really have time to do so this year.  So, I grabbed a veil, put on one of my tried and true songs, and just....made it up as I went along!
I think my biggest fear was going up on stage and blanking out - which is funny because I always say that if you blank out and forget your choreography, you can just switch to improv.  I guess if you blank out when you are improv-ing, you can only switch to...standing still?  So, on the one hand, the stage-improv gave me more anxiety than getting up to perform a choreography.  On the other hand, I was more relaxed, because I didn't have anything I had to remember - I could just do whatever came to mind (and I hoped that something would come to mind!).

It was a great experience.  I did not have any blank-outs, and I felt very free up on the stage.  I would try it again, but only in the same situation as this time - with a short song that I know VERY well!

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Naima said...

Good for you! The more chances you have at improv it will teach to really focus and listen to the music while being in the moment.