Saturday, August 29, 2009

The end of summer....

Sad to say, but it's true. Summer is almost over. I haven't blogged much this summer because things have been sort of slow in bellydance-land, so I haven't had so much to talk about! Summers are usually my slow season - most of the gig-requests I get are from people looking for hula dancers for their luau. If I have to explain the difference between Middle Eastern dance and music, and Polynesian dance and music one more time, I'll scream. I think part of the lull this summer was also due to the economy. Of course, bellydancers are a considered a "luxory item" (because, even though we like to think we are necessary in order to have a good time, you actually can have a fun party sans bellydancers...).

I kept busy with the Aradia workshop and show, teaching my classes, and performing at Hush many Sunday evenings. I do have a few stories to share from those experiences, but I'll save them for another day, and another post. ;-)

But, with the fall comes more bookings. I just got back from a great gig out in NJ (very funny birthday boy!), and I have jobs booked the next few weekends. So, now that I am back in bellydance mode, I am also back in blog mode!! I'll be posting more and more in the weeks to come, hopefully with new stories to share!

So, how did you spend YOUR summer vacation?

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