Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The show was a success!!

Whew, that was fun! After all the months of hard work and preparation, the show has finally come and gone, and it was GREAT!!

I can't even tell you how many compliments I've gotten from people in the audience. Everyone thought the dances were great, and those who were there last year say that the quality of dancing was even better this year! Audience members noticed the improvement in individual dancers from one year to the next, and thought the group numbers looked more polished and professional than ever before.

I was a nervous wreck for the week leading up to the show - not because I was worried about my students or the dances, but because of all the "behind the scenes" stuff that ultimately fell on my shoulders. I was worried that things wouldn't come together like I'd hoped, and that we wouldn't have a smooth and seamless show that the audience could sit back and enjoy. But, of course, the show could not have gone any more smoothly. Everyone who helped out behind the scenes did a great job with keeping the show moving along like the well-rehearsed production it was.

I am truly happy with the success of the show. I couldn't have asked for a better result, and all the hard work, late nights, and gray hairs (I swear, I've found some, and I blame the stress from this show!!) were worth it.

So, my wonderful students, how do you feel? For those of you who were new to the stage, was performing everything it was cracked up to be? For those of you who were in the show last year, how was this show different? Was it better or worse for you, and why?

And finally, the most important question - are you ready for next year????


kara :) said...

GREAT SHOW LADIES!!! Being on stage with such great groups of talented ladies felt so empowering. Obviously, the show was a complete success because of the hard work and dedication of our amazing leader, Miss Daniela. Even though I did not perform in last year’s show, as former stage manger (Liz you did an awesome job), it was nice to see some of last year’s veterans (Kim especially) take charge to make certain crazy times run more smoothly. The dances as well as the performers were more polished and displayed more attention to detail. I hate to say this Danielle, I do not think we can break through the ever so evil habit of flicking. I caught myself doing it throughout the show, more than ever. As this was my second time performing, I was extremely nervous and nauseous at first but then once it was time for my second dance of the evening, I kept hearing Daniela in my head saying, calm down, relax, have fun and smile!!!!!! The answer to your final question…yes I ready for next year with lots and lots of smiles!!!! Danielle, you never know maybe I will even do a solo :)

Anonymous said...

I loved it, I felt very comfortable on stage, because I knew all the hard work practicing our dance routine would pay off. My family and friends felt I did a great job. I would love to continue with bellydancing and I have already signed up for the next level. I am looking forward to the next performance, and maybe a solo. Thanks Daniels for being so patient with us, you are a great teacher and you make it fun.
Jasmine Ortega

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else i feel the show was MUCH nicer this year. The venue/atmosphere was great. Everyone was definetly more polished this year. I think no matter how much you prepare though you cant help but get nervous with all those bright lights and people just staring at All you can do is try your best to overcome that and have fun with it. I def cant wait for next years show. Thanks to Daniela for all her hard work.

Anonymous said...

I had great time in the show. It was fun to participate in many dances and to experience the stress of the backstage.It was nice to see how much the girls had improved in one year and how we all were more into "what to wear" in our dances.
I'be been reading a little bit of everything published in the blog and caught me the attention the topic "what to wear". When I pick my dress to wear, believe or not , I try to show a little bit about my feelings into my dress. In my solo for example , I have no idea about the music meaning, but I had a fantasy that the music was about happines and love and I offered that to my dear daddy who passed away recently.That was the reason I keept smiling. The red color always will be about love and the happines came from my soul to him. The dress itself does not mean anything if it is empty of fellings and the code in my opinion is more about the attitude than the dress itself.
So, congratulations to our dear Daniela who could teach me not only the bellydance (I have a long way to go), but also to appreciate the bellydancers and to understand a little better the beat and the passion of the middle eastern songs.
Great job everybody!