Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things

In September, I had my beautiful baby girl, Gabriella.  During my pregnancy, I had delusions of being back to my "fighting weight" very quickly after giving birth, and being able to get back out to gigging soon after.

Sadly, that is not the case!  The baby weight is coming off much slower than I had thought it would, and as a result, I haven't yet restarted my advertising. I feel like it is false advertising to show pictures of myself on my website looking one way, and then show up to the gig looking entirely different.

I have a gig this weekend - a first birthday party for a former client, and I've explained the baby thing! - and I am very excited to be getting back in the saddle.  Although I had hoped my return to performing would have been much quicker, I'm happy to be back, at any rate!

Any other moms out there returning to professional performing? How long did it take? 


Aradia said...

Hey Daniela, I know it's frustrating to want to be back in action, and your body has other plans, but I'm so happy for you and your beautiful daughter! Good luck with your first gig!!


harleygypsy said...

congrads on healthy baby girl! It is quite an experience, huh? I delivered a few babies as a nurse and was always in awe each time. It was usually, the only normal thing that happens in a hospital setting. You will not even know you were ever strtched so far, soon. bellydancing is work! Of course you know that. Good luck with your journey raising a fine woman from a baby. wow!,gypsy.

Nepenthe said...

Old post, probably (i'm catching up) - hopefully you are now back to performing.

I went back to restaurant performing at two months and felt uncomfortable. it was about 5 months before I felt like I was "acceptable" and it wasn't until a year afterwards that I was really back at my "dancing weight".