Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PSA: Mind your socks

Just a public service announcement to my fellow performing bellydancers freezing their butts off on the way to gigs this winter....

If you wear socks that will leave any sort of a mark on your leg, roll them down or take them off well before you arrive at your gig!!

Nothin' says "NOT sexy" like a tube-sock mark on your calf.

That is all.


Vashti said...

I recommend the fleece socks you find in sporting stores for winter -- they often have no elastic at the top, so no marks!

Kim said...

Good point! I live in Florida so I'm lucky that I can wear sandals or heels to just about any gig. I've always had a similar policy, wear dresses without waistbands on my way to performances. I figure no one wants to see scrunchy lines indented in my midriff!

Kim <~> Kalilah

Amy Danielson said...

OMG - That's so funny!!!!!!!!!! I also had a woman tell me on Twitter that she'd worn tight jeans on her way to a gig, and her troupe mates were rubbing her tummy before she went on to try to get the marks off her skin!

Sirena said...

....and make sure you take them off before you perform!

I once watched a performance of Swan Lake where one of the Swans sported a big woolly legwarmer on one leg, all the way through (well, she could hardly stop and take it off, could she...).