Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Show was a Success!

Our third annual student showcase was a success! This was certainly the best show yet - they just keep getting better!

All of the performers worked so hard perfecting their dances and preparing to dazzle the audience - and it worked, the audience was dazzled.

The Taiwan Center was a great location - big stage, lots of seats. We'll be back next year for sure!

Here are some pictures from the show, I'll be putting more on the website soon. Enjoy!


Martha said...

I simply loved the show, it was great and it definitely was better than last. Thank you for being a great instructor and bringing out the best in all of us... because of you, we shine like superstars!

kara :) said...

The show just keeps getting better & better every year. Of course this is because of Daniela. She knows how to push each of us to bring out the best of out abilities. As always it is a pleasure sharing the stage with you ladies.

P.S.----go BELLIES go BELLIES (you know who you are)

Suney said...

I agree with both my fellow bellies, the show just keeps on getting better and better. The dances were amazing, the lighting was amazing the stage was amazing...I guess you get my point. Thanks Daniela for making it such a wonderful experience, not just for us bellies but for our family and friends.

Suney said...
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