Monday, August 27, 2007

Adriana Lira workshop was a success!!

Whew! What a weekend!! Adriana Lira has just left NYC after an intense weekend of workshops. The workshops were great!! Everyone really had a great time and we learned so much.

My favorite class was the drum solo. I will definitely be using that choreography in my classes! It was so unique and very appropriate - there was a samba section in the music, which is awesome, being that Adriana is from Brazil!

I loved Adriana's style of dance. With her ballet background, her dance is infused with much ballet influence, which I love. Her style is also unique to her in that she draws from her Brazilian background, and you can definitely see the samba in her dance as well!

There were some minor snags in the weekend (ie: Adriana's luggage with ALL her CD's got lost and the airline didn't find it until AFTER the workshops were over!) and I definitely learned a lot, not only from a dancer's standpoint, but from an organizer's standpoint as well. I'll post some of my tips for organizers later.

All in all, though, it was a great weekend. We were truly luck to have Adriana here in NYC and can't wait for her to come back!


Martha said...

It was truly amazing to be part of the worshop, I learned so much. Thanks to you Daniela for setting it up and for Adriana for taking the time to teach us!---I also enjoyed the drum solo very much and can't wait to perfect the dance! It was great!

Natalia said...

I'm so glad the workshop was a success!

kara :) said...

I had a great experience with all the workshops. Adriana is an amazing instuctor with strong techniques and a wonderful presence. Her ballet background reminded much of Daniela, and brought gracefulness to some steps that seemed arkward to some of us. I also enjoyed the drum solo work shop and look forward to continue working on the dance. Thank you Daniela for arranging the workshop and as always all your hard work. Adriana you were the perfect house guest. You are welcome back anytime.

Anonymous said...

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