Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dancer killed in VA Tech shootings

One of the students who was killed during the Virginia Tech massacre was a freshman by the name of Reema Samaha. Reema was a bellydancer, and a member of the bellydance troupe Hill and Veil on the Virginia Tech campus. The bellydance community around the country has been extremely devastated over her death. I'm going to cut and paste a post from Kira on to fill everyone in on the situation, and inform you of the fund that has been set up in her name to benefit future members of Hill and Veil.

I urge you all to donate in Reema's name.


As some of you know, we lost a sister in dance at the Virginia Tech Massacre - Reema Samaha.

A memorial fund has been set up in her name.THE REEMA JOSEPH SAMAHA MIDDLE EASTERN DANCE MEMORIAL FUND will be used to assist the student-members of the Middle Eastern Dance Association of Virginia Tech. Depending on the amount donated, the fund may be used for a one time gift in Reema’s name or for an annual award, perhaps a small scholarship.

Her Bio from VT Hill and Veil MED Troupe Webpage - Reema has been dancing since she was 2 years old. She has been classically trained in ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop and has had experience in many other styles. Her love for belly dance came from her Lebanese heritage and she has been exposed to it from a young age. She has taken classes, attended workshops and has performed for her Church's Middle Eastern Food Festival and in front of her high school. She won best individual performance in her school's talent show her senior year. She is very excited to be part of Hill and Veil and looks forward to learning and choreographing with her fellow members.

Online donations for the Reema Memorial Fund can be made at:

In the "Gift Designation" area of the form go to the box "Other Designation" and type in Reema Joseph Samaha Middle Eastern Dance Memorial Fund. There is a general scholarship fund set up to honor Reema. However this particular Middle Eastern Dance Memorial Fund will go for a scholarship for a member of the university's student troupe.

Here is how to make a donation by check:

Make check payable (in any amount) to Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc. Mail to:
University Development
902 Prices Fork Road
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Be sure to either write on the check or in a cover note that the donation is for the REEMA JOSEPH SAMAHA MIDDLE EASTERN DANCE MEMORIAL FUND.

If you would like to send a hard copy of a card, you can send it to Hill and Veil's address and they will send them on to her family.

The address is:
Hill and Veil
703 Montgomery St Apt 1
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Here are the some clips of Reema on youtube. She was an incredible, wonderful, and passionate young woman who deeply loved dance. Reema is the one in green, dancing in the middle of the debke line. The debke performance is from the weekend prior to her passing.

Souzan, a member of Bhuz, has been instrumental in organizing the scholarship and working with Liz from VT Hill and Veil MED Troupe to make this happen. Many thanks to both women for their hardword in keeping the legacy and memory of Reema alive, along with all the other Bhuz members that supported them in their efforts.


kara said...

When Daniela told me that a belly dancers was killed in the tradgic incident right after it happened, I was sadden that such a young, talented individual was taken away. After "googling" her, I found out that she was origionally trained in many various dances besides belly dancing and had a true love affair withe the art of dance.

Martha said...

She was so talented, it's a shame she was taken from the world in such a cruel manner. My deepest condolenses to her family and friends. Thanks Daniela for keeping us posted.